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Personal information


If you want, you can add a phonenumber to a next of kin (relative) that we can reach in a case of emergency.

Languages (mandatory)


Do you hav multiple native languages apply them below.

Reason for immigration (mandatory)


Why did you move to Sweden?

Educational background from your home country (mandatory)
State the number of years for your educational background from your home county


What is your highest education that you have completed in your home contry?

Educational background in Sweden
State your entire educational background.
EducationNumber of yearsMunicipality
Swedish for Immigrants
Elementary school
Upper secondary school
Adult education
Former level of studies in Swedish for immigrants (mandatory)


Which is your most recent level in Swedish for immigrants (SFI) that you have studied before?

Latest year for studies in Swedish for immigrants


Which is the latest year that you where in studies in Swedish for immigrants (SFI)? Choose a year only if you have studied SFI. State year in format YYYY, for example 2006.

Professional experience in your home country


What was your main professional experience in your home country?

Current occupation


What is your current occupation?

Desired form of studies (mandatory)


When do you want to study?

Work during studies
Read and write in your native language (mandatory)
Read and write in the latin alphabet (mandatory)
Additions and comments


Do you have more information you wish to add to your application, add then here.

Certify information and send application (mandatory)

Choose your language


NOTE! Use / if you do not have an email.

Education in Swedish for immigrants gives you basic education in the Swedish language so that you can integrate in everyday life and working life. All education is free and the school has the books you need, but you need your own dictionary in your language.

Those of you who live in Fagersta, Norberg and Skinnskatteberg municipality write your application here on the left. After you submit your application, you will be contacted by the school who will notify you when to start.

If you have any questions about your application, call 0223-447 55

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Information on the processing of personal data

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